About Tech Underground

We work for human rights, environmental, and social justice groups, the progressive foundations that fund them, labor unions, grassroots activists, arts groups, and individual artists. The technical issues that these communities face resemble to varying degrees those of the corporate sector, but the solutions that are appropriate and attainable for the two sectors are often quite different.

Tech Underground members are deeply aware of the constraints faced by our clients, and we work creatively and energetically to provide the tools and services that they need — and none that they don’t. We communicate fully and actively with our clients, in professional but not corporate language. We inhabit the same cultural space as our clients, and we enjoy being able to contribute to their important missions while providing meaningful, interesting work for ourselves.

Members of the Tech Underground have been recognized by their peers as being among the most capable and experienced providers available. Our clients additionally benefit from the collected experience and skills of the entire Tech Underground, and from the availability of a multi-person support team whose members are in constant communication with each other. As a system of interconnected consultants, we can provide a more comprehensive and reliable service than a single consultant could.

The Tech Underground is a loose, cooperative, professional group of independent individuals. All services are provided on an individual basis by the independent consultants; Tech Underground does not itself provide services. Tech Underground consultants are committed to offering great service, low rates, and high-powered technology to everyone. Please contact us if we can help you!