• Andrea Frome

    Andrea brings 8 years of software experience at Google and a background in machine learning and data organization/processing to her new role as a consultant. She has recent experience working for a presidential campaign and consulting for small start-ups, and she is eager to work more with nonprofit organizations.
    Services Offered:
    problem solving, data organization & processing, back-end software development, Analytics & Machine Learning
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  • Erik Nelson
    Erik Nelson has been providing technical support to San Francisco Bay area nonprofit clients since 2000. His expertise includes Windows system administration, Google Apps and hosted Exchange admin, and general IT support.
    Services Offered:
    systems administration, Google Apps, Exchange, Windows
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  • Hilary Naylor
    Hilary Naylor has been consulting for nonprofits and schools in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past ten years, first as a member of CompuMentor, and now independently. Hilary has extensive experience creating and implementing technology solutions for schools and nonprofits.
    Services Offered:
    technology assessment,problem solving,technology planning,coaching,action planning
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  • Jonathan Stein
    Since 2001, Jonathan Stein has worked with nonprofit organizations to help them learn how technology can best support and further their mission. He strives to establish clear and open communication with staff members and he understands that conversations about technology do not need to sound like a technical manual.
    Services Offered:
    technology assessment, systems administration, networking, technology planning, training, writing, IT, Macintosh, Windows, Google Apps, technical support, network security, project management
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  • Sameer Siruguri
    Sameer is an experienced IT professional, with a background in both nonprofit organizations and online consumer services companies. He helps social sector organizations understand how to align technical investments with their mission needs, so that they can maximize mission impact.
    Services Offered:
    technology planning, project management, web development, Drupal, IT strategy
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  • Justin Allen
  • Moshe Arzt
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  • Celena Peet
  • Rob Powers
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